• Wine Grapes 101: CHARDONNAY
    Wine Grapes 101: CHARDONNAY
    Chardonnay is probably the greatest and most-known white grape variety. This grape variety is so versatile, that it is responsible for a wide range of wine styles - starting from acidic and refreshing to full-bodied and opulent. Chardonnay is also a base grape variety for many popular sparkling wines, including Chardonnay.

    Wine Grapes 101: CHARDONNAY

    **Contents of this video

    0:00 Introduction

    0:37 How Chardonnay Tastes Like?

    2:03 Different Styles of Chardonnay

    3:07 Where Chardonnay is Grown?

    5:17 The Grape Behind Bubbles

    6:00 Chardonnay and Food

    6:38 Notable Producers


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