• DJ Laurinda XShows June, "The Art of Connection" in NYC, Princess Laurinda Brand Art Emotion Remix.
    DJ Laurinda XShows June, "The Art of Connection" in NYC, Princess Laurinda Brand Art Emotion Remix.
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    DJ Laurinda XShows June, "The Art of Connection" in NYC, Princess Laurinda Brand Art Emotion Remix.

    Nexth City iRadio 2024 - DJ Laurinda XShows JUNE


    Event Highlights:

    Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition

    Emotion Remix Edition

    This June, New York becomes the epicenter of a captivating musical journey with Nexth City iRadio 2024, featuring DJ Laurinda's XShows. As part of the INXA Sharist World series, this event,  emphasizes the profound theme of human connection. With the event code "The Art of Connection," Laurinda invites attendees to an immersive experience where music and art converge.

    Key Attractions:

    DJ Laurinda: Innovative approach to music, DJ Laurinda will showcase her ability to create emotional depth and resonance through her sets. Two highlights of her performance will be "Suit" and "Jacket," each meticulously crafted to evoke a spectrum of emotions and reflect the intricate ties that bind us all.

    Princess Laurinda Art Brand Edition: This edition features a unique integration of Laurinda's artistic vision with her music. The Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition brings to life the synergy between sound and visual art, offering a holistic experience that stimulates the senses and encourages introspection.

    Emotion Remix Edition: Dive into a series of remixes that explore the vast landscape of human emotions. These remixes are designed to connect with listeners on a deep, personal level, fostering a shared sense of unity and emotional expression.

    Event Details:

    Location: New York

    Event Code: The Art of Connection

    Motto: Together Build Better World. The World You Create.


    Experience Overview:

    Immersive Music and Art: Laurinda's sets are not just about the music; they are a multi-sensory journey that integrates visual art and storytelling. This creates a profound and engaging atmosphere where attendees can lose themselves in the moment and find new meaning in the connections they make.

    Emotional Depth: The Emotion Remix Edition will guide attendees through a journey of feelings, from joy and excitement to introspection and nostalgia. Each remix is carefully selected to resonate with different aspects of the human experience, making the event a deeply personal and collective experience.

    Unique Artistic Vision: The Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition will showcase exclusive art pieces that complement Laurinda's musical performance, offering a rare glimpse into her creative process and artistic influences.

    Join us and experience DJ Laurinda's unique fusion of music and art, and be part of an event that celebrates the connections that define us. Together, we can build a better world—one beat, one note, and one connection at a time.



    🎧  Tracklist:

    [00:00]    1.    The Art of Connection

    [02:53]    2.    Epoch

    [04:29]    3.    Da Vinci

    [07:16]    4.    Bachs Cello Suite - Reimagined

    [10:00]    5.    Silhouette

    [12:38]    6.    Minuet I 

    [14:57]    7.    Minuet II 

    [16:36]    8.    Secret Pathways



    DJ Laurinda XShows LIVE:


    --  iTV: djlaurinda.one 

    --  youtube.com/@nexthcity2931  

    --  facebook.com/djlaurinda/

    --  twitch.tv/djlaurinda

    --  Instagram:  djlaurinda

    --  Tiktok:  djlaurinda


    Nexth City iRadio 2024, hosted by DJ Laurinda. Powered by the [inxa.one] ecosystem, is a dynamic fusion of music, culture, and innovation audio entertainment. It's a cutting-edge radio experience that redefines the future of audio entertainment.




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