• Join DJ Laurinda in Amsterdam for bold creativity and electrifying fusion of music, art, and fashion.
    Join DJ Laurinda in Amsterdam for bold creativity and electrifying fusion of music, art, and fashion.
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    Join DJ Laurinda in Amsterdam for bold creativity and electrifying fusion of music, art, and fashion.

    Nexth City iRadio 2024 - DJ Laurinda XShows JUNE: A Fusion of Bold Creativity and Electronic Energy

    This June, Nexth City iRadio presents an exhilarating series of events headlined by DJ Laurinda, who brings her dynamic sound and electrifying performances to Amsterdam. Featuring the Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition and the Emotion Remix Edition, these shows promise to be a celebration of bold creativity, set to energize and inspire the crowd.

    Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition:

    As part of the INXA Sharist World series, the Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition is a must-see event in Amsterdam. This edition merges music, art, and fashion, highlighting the avant-garde aesthetics of the Princess Laurinda art brand. DJ Laurinda will transform the venue into an immersive experience with her innovative blend of electronic music and stunning visual displays. Attendees will be treated to a night of pulsating beats and artistic expression that champions individuality and creative freedom.

    Emotion Remix Edition:

    The Emotion Remix Edition delves deep into the emotive potential of electronic music. Known for her ability to craft remixes that resonate on a profound emotional level, DJ Laurinda will take the audience on a sonic journey. Each remix set is designed to evoke powerful feelings and create a unique connection with the listeners.

    Event Code: Bad B Freestyle:

    Central to the Nexth City iRadio 2024 series is the Bad B Freestyle event code, encapsulating the essence of spontaneity and high-energy performance. DJ Laurinda excels in delivering freestyle sets that are both unpredictable and exhilarating, ensuring that every show is a one-of-a-kind experience. This freestyle celebration underscores her ability to energize the crowd and create a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere.

    Highlight: Shoes Sneaker:

    Adding a stylish twist to the events, the highlight on sneakers encourages attendees to showcase their personal flair. This focus on footwear complements the overall theme of self-expression and individuality, making the events not just auditory but also visual feasts.

    Experience the powerful fusion of electronic music, art, and fashion in a series that redefines the boundaries of creative expression. Let the beats energize you and the art inspire you in an unforgettable celebration of bold creativity.



    🎧  Tracklist:

    [00:00]    1.    One in a Million

    [02:25]    2.    One in a Million - Instrumental

    [04:50]    3.    Mythologica

    [07:28]    4.    Mythologica - Sped Up

    [09:29]    5.    Kiss like This

    [11:20]    6.    Bad B$$ Freestyle

    [13:36]    7.    Gas U Up



    DJ Laurinda XShows LIVE:



    --  iTV: djlaurinda.one 

    --  youtube.com/@nexthcity2931  

    --  facebook.com/djlaurinda/

    --  twitch.tv/djlaurinda

    --  Instagram:  djlaurinda

    --  Tiktok:  djlaurinda


    Nexth City iRadio 2024, hosted by DJ Laurinda. Powered by the [inxa.one] ecosystem, is a dynamic fusion of music, culture, and innovation audio entertainment. It's a cutting-edge radio experience that redefines the future of audio entertainment.



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