• June DJ Laurinda Brand Art Emotion Remix Edition #1, Vienna, featuring Art Brand "Princess Laurinda".
    June DJ Laurinda Brand Art Emotion Remix Edition #1, Vienna, featuring Art Brand "Princess Laurinda".
    #DJLaurinda #Art #Brand #Emotion #dragonyear #PrincessLaurinda #Classic #EDM

    June DJ Laurinda Brand Art Emotion Remix Edition #1, Vienna, featuring Art Brand "Princess Laurinda".

    Nexth City iRadio 2024 - DJ Laurinda XShows in June

    Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition & Emotion Remix Edition


    Prepare for a dazzling June in Vienna, Austria, as Nexth City iRadio 2024 presents extraordinary events featuring DJ Laurinda. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant INXA Sharist World, these events promise a unique fusion of music, art, and a compelling message of unity and creativity.


    Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition

    Event Details:

    Location: Vienna, Austria

    Venue: INXA Sharist World

    Event Code: Tonight Is Golden

    Highlight: Bag

    Art Brand: Princess Laurinda


    Kicking off the series, the Princess Laurinda Brand Art Edition will be a night of elegance and creativity. DJ Laurinda will deliver a set that captures the essence of golden moments, blending music with high fashion. This event will feature the exclusive Art of Princess Laurinda's Bag, that adds a touch of luxury to the night. With the Princess Laurinda Art Brand setting the tone, attendees will be immersed in an experience where every beat and visual element contributes to a masterpiece of style and sound.

    Later in the month, the Emotion Remix Edition promises an emotionally charged journey through music. DJ Laurinda’s ability to connect with the audience on a profound level will be on full display, as she mixes remixes that stir the soul and invigorate the spirit. This edition is designed to resonate deeply with attendees, offering a cathartic experience that moves beyond mere entertainment to touch the heart and mind.

    Event Motto: Together Build Better World. The World You Create.

    The motto "Together Build Better World. The World You Create." underscores the significance of these events. It highlights the transformative power of music and community in shaping a better future. DJ Laurinda’s performances are not just shows but calls to action, inspiring everyone to envision and work towards a more harmonious world.

    Unmatched Atmosphere: Experience the immersive environment of INXA Sharist World, enhancing the magic of the night.

    Emotional and Artistic Journey: Both events promise not just entertainment, but a profound emotional and artistic experience.

    Community and Vision: Join a movement that celebrates unity and creativity, working towards a brighter future.

    Don't miss these unforgettable nights in Vienna with DJ Laurinda at Nexth City iRadio 2024. Let's build a better world, one beat at a time.



    🎧  Tracklist:

    [00:00]   1.  The New World 

    [01:30]   2.  Holding on to Hope

    [04:54]   3.  Tonight Is Golden

    [08:54]   4.  Sleeper Valley 

    [11:06]   5.  Sleeper Valley - Piano Version

    [13:13]   6.  Voyage

    [16:56]   7.  Infinite Circles




    DJ Laurinda XShows LIVE:


    --  iTV: djlaurinda.one 

    --  youtube.com/@nexthcity2931  

    --  facebook.com/djlaurinda/

    --  twitch.tv/djlaurinda

    --  Instagram:  djlaurinda

    --  Tiktok:  djlaurinda


    Nexth City iRadio 2024, hosted by DJ Laurinda. Powered by the [inxa.one] ecosystem, is a dynamic fusion of music, culture, and innovation audio entertainment. It's a cutting-edge radio experience that redefines the future of audio entertainment.




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