• LIMELIGHT (라임라잇) - Eye To Eye MV
    LIMELIGHT (라임라잇) - Eye To Eye MV

    - Girl group survival dream team 'Limelight', pre-debut on September 29th
    - The future of Limelight K-pop 'Expandable Girl Group'
    - Seo Ji-eum - Kim Seung-soo... The powerful teamwork of IZ*ONE's K-Pop Dream Team

    LIMELIGHT (라임라잇) - Eye To Eye MV

    The dream team 'LIMELIGHT', made up of members of the girl group survival program, is taking its first steps into the K-pop scene. Limelight is made up of Miyu Ito, who made her face through Mnet's 'Girls Planet 999: Girls' War,', Kim Soo-hye, who drew attention as a powerful vocalist on MBC's 'After School Thrill', and Ga-eun, a talented trainee who received attention for her oriental visuals and performances. is a group


    True to the name of the team, which means 'to get the world's attention', it contains the identity of leading the K-pop scene through perfect teamwork and the best performance. Limelight aims to be an 'expandable girl group' with no restrictions on the number of members and free recruitment of members, so it aims to be a future-oriented girl group that stimulates curiosity. After starting their pre-debut activities on September 29th as a three-member system of Miyu Ito, Suhye Kim, and Gaeun, who have been confirmed to join, they plan to always deliver a new growth story through various combinations and variations of the members.


    Such communication and empathy will deliver a high level of immersion in watching the team's growth history. It is also a sign of Limelight's dream of perfect communion with fans from the start.


    Limelight, composed of Generation Z, delivers a pure and attractive fantasy through its pre-debut album. Like the unknown emotions of girls in love, it stimulates curiosity through mysterious and transparent images, music, performances, and videos. Limelight, which presents a whopping 8 video contents across the title track and b-side songs, is determined to imprint the world of Limelight through this.


    The title song 'STARLIGHT' is a song that contains Limelight's first ambition to knock on the world. It is a pop dance song that expresses the heart of a girl in love with a mysterious light emitted from space. The members' refreshing energy and rhythmic sound deliver a dramatic impression, and the desperate yet lyrical lyrics represent the girls' fantasy. It is a track that emphasizes teamwork with an excellent vocal operation that expresses emotions honestly and in charge, along with a sensuous synth line and an increasingly high-pitched song composition. In particular, Kim Seung-soo and Choi Hyun-jun, who worked on IZ*ONE's 'FIESTA' and 'Violeta', produced the song, and lyricist Seo Ji-eum took charge of the lyrics.


    The image of girls communicating with the world is further embodied through the music video. The music video captures and delivers the charm of girls who are active all over the world. It is a composition in which three characters understand each other through communion in different spaces and eventually form a team. The fast-paced film is enough to fully feel the charm of each member's character and limelight.


    The history of the members made up of Korean and Japanese members is also splendid. Miyu Ito has been supported by Generation Z in Japan through her modeling and social media activities. She has won the Tokyo Girls Audition 2018 Popteen Award, up PLUS Award, ABEMA TV Award, and has also appeared in music videos for Japanese artists. there is one bar Kim Soo-hye left a strong impression with her clear and clean vocals at the time of her broadcast, and her trainee Ga-eun, who was recognized for her excellent performance ability even before her debut, has been attracting attention, such as working as a model for her magazine.


    A large number of K-pop dream teams participated in Limelight's debut album. Kim Seung-soo, Choi Hyun-jun, and Seo Ji-eum, who worked on the title song 'STARLIGHT', Seo Won-jin, who produced several YG artists' songs such as Big Bang, 2NE1, and Zion. The names of the people who worked on it were listed in the credits. In addition, YGX's Dou, who is active in Mnet's 'Street Man Fighter', took on the performance and completed the powerful and impressive limelight energy.


    It's time to watch Limelight's fantasy, which took its first steps in anticipation.





    02 EYE TO EYE

    Lyricist: Kim Seung-soo, Kim Min-goo

    Composed by Seungsu Kim, Mingoo Kim Eltz

    Arranged by Seungsu Kim, Mingoo Kim Eltz


    The double title song 'Eye To Eye' is a subtle song when you meet the person you've been looking for.

    This song is in close contact with 'STARLIGHT', which depicts the moment when a spark occurred.

    In the lyrics, 'See eye to eye' is an idiom that indicates that you completely agree with the other person.

    It is a song that beautifully expresses the thrill of sharing emotions with only your eyes, without saying anything special.

    With the combination of an attractive bass line and a dreamy melody, you can feel the overwhelming emotions for a moment.

    I hope you experience it.

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