• Nexth City EDM #5 Las Vegas! Experience city's energy at Pinklady Club. Pulse meets EDM heartbeat!
    Nexth City EDM #5 Las Vegas! Experience city's energy at Pinklady Club. Pulse meets EDM heartbeat!
    Nexth City EDM #5 Las Vegas! Experience city's energy at Pinklady Club. Pulse meets EDM heartbeat!

    Nexth City EDM #5 Las Vegas! Experience city's energy at Pinklady Club. Pulse meets EDM heartbeat!

    Welcome to Nexth City iRadio 2023 - EDM #5, where the vibrant beats of electronic dance music (EDM) converge in the heart of entertainment, Las Vegas, USA. The pulsating energy of the city sets the stage for an electrifying night at the Nexth Pinklady Club, promising an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.


    Event Details:

    Location: Nexth Pinklady Club, Las Vegas, USA.

    Time: 21:00 PM

    Theme: Cocktail

    Dress Code: Chic

    Event Code: inxa.one

    Featured DJ:

    Get ready to dance the night away as DJ Laurinda takes control of the turntables, curating a seamless mix of EDM tracks that will elevate the atmosphere and keep the energy levels soaring.


    Musical Artists:

    A stellar lineup of musical talents awaits you, promising an eclectic blend of sounds and styles that will captivate EDM enthusiasts. Here are the artists who will be setting the stage on fire:

    NAEMS: Known for their dynamic soundscapes and infectious beats, NAEMS is set to deliver a performance that will leave you craving for more.

    Evgeny Bardyuzha: With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of EDM, Evgeny Bardyuzha brings a unique flavor to the lineup, promising a sonic journey like no other.

    WEARETHEGOOD: Get ready for a fusion of electronic and pop-infused beats as WEARETHEGOOD takes the stage, ensuring a night filled with catchy rhythms.

    Steven Beddall: Known for his ability to blend genres seamlessly, Steven Beddall's performance is anticipated to be a highlight of the evening, offering a diverse musical experience.

    sero: Brace yourself for the distinctive sound of sero, who brings a fresh perspective to EDM, pushing the boundaries of conventional electronic music.

    Captain Qubz: Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure with Captain Qubz, whose innovative approach to EDM promises to take the audience on a journey through sound and rhythm.

    Third Dimension: Elevate your senses with the unique soundscapes of Third Dimension, adding a touch of depth and complexity to the musical journey of the night.

    Michael FK: Known for his emotive and atmospheric tracks, Michael FK's performance is sure to create an immersive experience that resonates with the soul.

    Oliver Michael: With a penchant for crafting infectious melodies, Oliver Michael's set promises to be a dynamic and engaging part of the EDM extravaganza.

    SOURWAH: Prepare for a sonic explosion as SOURWAH brings their experimental and boundary-pushing sound to the stage, ensuring a night of surprises and excitement.

    2050: Immerse yourself in the futuristic sounds of 2050, as they take you on a journey through electronic landscapes that push the boundaries of the genre.

    Letra: Closing the night with a bang, Letra's performance is set to be a crescendo of energy, leaving the audience with lasting memories of Nexth City iRadio 2023 - EDM #5.


    Nexth City iRadio 2023 - EDM #5 promises to be a night to remember, combining the electric atmosphere of Las Vegas with a lineup of world-class DJs and musical artists. So, don your chic attire, enter the realm of inxa.one, and immerse yourself in the beats that will define the EDM scene in 2023. Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Nexth Pinklady Club, where the pulse of the city meets the heartbeat of EDM.




    [00:00] 1. NAEMS - Move Your Body

    [03:46] 2. Evgeny Bardyuzha - Im All In

    [06:49] 3. WEARETHEGOOD - Young Wild Alive

    [09:25] 4. Steven Beddall - I Need You

    [12:23] 5. sero - The Way You Want

    [16:42] 6. Captain Qubz - Im a Lover Boy

    [19:15] 7. Third Dimension - No Ego feat.Supermans Feinde

    [22:40] 8. Michael FK - Falling Down

    [27:07] 9. Oliver Michael - Running in the Dark

    [30:47] 10. SOURWAH - Thinking of You

    [34:15] 11. 2050 - You Can't Escape

    [38:38] 12. Letra - Masterpiece in the Making




    DJ Laurinda XShows LIVE:



    --  iTV: djlaurinda.one 

    --  youtube.com/@nexthcity2931  

    --  facebook.com/djlaurinda/

    --  twitch.tv/djlaurinda

    --  Instagram:  djlaurinda

    --  Tiktok:  djlaurinda


    Nexth City iRadio 2023, hosted by DJ Laurinda. Powered by the [inxa.one] ecosystem, is a dynamic fusion of music, culture, and innovation. It's a cutting-edge radio experience that redefines the future of audio entertainment.




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