• Nexth City INXA Classic World: 🎶🎶Where Classical Music Reigns Supreme in Nexth City's Melodic Realm.
    Nexth City INXA Classic World: 🎶🎶Where Classical Music Reigns Supreme in Nexth City's Melodic Realm.
    Nexth City iRadio 2023 - INXA Classic World: Where Classical Music Reigns Supreme in Nexth City's Melodic Realm. 🎶🎶🎶

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    Nexth City INXA Classic World: 🎶🎶Where Classical Music Reigns Supreme in Nexth City's Melodic Realm.

    Step into the mesmerizing realm of INXA Classic World in Nexth City, where classical music takes center stage, weaving enchanting melodies that transport listeners to timeless realms. Within this musical haven, three exceptional artists shine with their unique compositions and styles that captivate audiences far and wide.

    *Cast Of Characters: A Symphony of Legendary Themes

    Cast Of Characters is a musical treasure trove, drawing inspiration from iconic film and TV characters that have left an indelible mark on pop culture. Through their compositions, they resurrect the essence of these legends, infusing their music with classic themes and motifs. Each note resonates with the familiarity of beloved characters, igniting nostalgia and emotion in every listener. Cast Of Characters crafts a symphony that celebrates the richness of cinematic history, reminding us of the enduring impact of these characters on our lives.

    *Cody Martin: The Maestro of Excellence

    Amidst the bustling music scene of Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Orlando, Cody Martin stands as a pillar of excellence. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Cody pours his heart and soul into every composition he creates. His music becomes a tapestry of emotions, reflecting his dedication to perfection. Cody's talents have graced numerous independent projects, short films, and prestigious television networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, and Amazon Prime. His compositions resonate with millions, evoking powerful connections that bridge the gap between sound and soul.

    *Wicked Cinema: A Symphony of Suspense and Horror

    Wicked Cinema, the brainchild of Matt Wigton, delves into the eerie soundscapes of horror movies. By fusing unsettling, twisted tones with modern orchestral elements, and interjecting sparks of glitch electronica, Matt crafts an auditory experience that embodies the chilling essence of the horror and suspense genres. His music resonates with a deep sense of foreboding, evoking spine-tingling sensations that linger long after the music fades. Matt's compositions find their home in the darkest corners of the film industry, providing the haunting underscore that horror enthusiasts crave.

    INXA Classic World: A Melodic Haven

    The INXA Classic World of Nexth City emerges as a sanctuary for classical music enthusiasts and creators alike. Here, the triumphant melodies of Cast Of Characters, the relentless pursuit of excellence by Cody Martin, and the spine-chilling compositions of Wicked Cinema converge to paint an auditory masterpiece. The city pulsates with the rhythm of timeless tunes, uniting artists and listeners in a symphony of creativity and emotion. As the melodies weave their stories, INXA Classic World becomes a haven where classical music thrives, forging connections that transcend time and space.



    00:00 | 1. Cast Of Characters - Instastory Rag

    01:50 | 2. Cast Of Characters - Goron City Nights

    04:05 | 3. Cast Of Characters - Armada

    06:41 | 4. Cody Martin - Vintage Blend

    10:24 | 5. Cody Martin - Kissed by Frost 

    13:25 | 6. Cast Of Characters - Niemat Aemaq

    16:21 | 7. Wicked Cinema - The Throne

    20:33 | 8. Wicked Cinema - The Rose Bridge

    24:00 | 9. Cast Of Characters - Serenade For Sleepy Lovers

    26:12 | 10.  Cody Martin - Eternal Promise



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