• BERGAMO ITALY Walking Tour 4K [60 fps] OLD CITY - Virtual Tour 4k Bergamo Italy
    BERGAMO ITALY Walking Tour 4K [60 fps] OLD CITY -  Virtual Tour 4k Bergamo Italy
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    BERGAMO ITALY Walking Tour 4K [60 fps] OLD CITY - Virtual Tour 4k Bergamo Italy


    Bergamo, a charming city located on a picturesque hill, is the star of our latest video. Join us for this Italy virtual walk 4k, to experience the beauty and history of Bergamo’s old town. This Bergamo Italy walking tour 4k, takes you through its narrow streets, ancient buildings, and offers breathtaking views. Step Back In Time with our virtual tour and enjoy an immersive journey through Bergamo’s rich history and vibrant culture. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to virtually visit one of Italy’s hidden gems.


    Explore The Historic Old City Of Bergamo, Italy - Virtual Tour

    Discover the charms of Bergamo’s historic old city in our virtual tour 4k Bergamo Italy. This virtual walk showcases the numerous attractions and stunning historical landmarks that make Bergamo a must-visit destination. Wander through the ancient streets and experience the beauty captured in this Bergamo walking tour 4k. In the heart of Bergamo Old Town, you'll find beautiful architecture and small taverns hidden between tall, ancient buildings. As one of the most picturesque walking tours europe has to offer, this virtual experience lets you soak in the ambiance and rich history of this enchanting Italian city.


    Explore The Charming Old Town Of Bergamo Italy  Virtual Walking Tour

    In this section, we invite you to explore the charming old town of Bergamo through our Italy walk tour 4k. The old town is home to many historic landmarks, including the stunning Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the impressive Cittadella, which offers a glimpse into Bergamo’s medieval past. You can also visit the ancient Colleoni Chapel and the iconic Piazza Vecchia, a beautiful square surrounded by Renaissance architecture. Our Bergamo Italy walking tour highlights these sites and more, including the Torre del Gombito, a medieval tower offering panoramic views of the city, and the Palazzo della Ragione, an architectural gem. This Italy Bergamo virtual tour 4k, will take you through the narrow streets and reveal the hidden treasures of Bergamo’s old town.

    Our films are created out of a passion for travel and a desire to share beautiful experiences and sights with those who cannot travel. We want people who are considering a trip to Bergamo to see this beautiful city and be inspired to visit. This video is also aimed at individuals training on treadmills, who can enjoy walking tours for treadmill and explore the world while exercising. Our walking tours of the world bring various destinations to your screen, offering a virtual escape. This virtual tour 4k Italy Bergamo allows you to experience the charm of Bergamo, and with our virtual tour italy 4k, you can immerse yourself in Italy's beauty from the comfort of your home.


    00:00:00 In This Video

    00:01:39 Porta Sant'Alessandro

    00:03:34 Passagio Torre di Adalberto

    00:04:34 Torre di Adalberto

    00:05:01 Sede decentrata Comune di Bergamo

    00:05:31 Piazza della Cittadella

    00:06:09 Torre della Campanella

    00:08:05 Via Bartolomeo Colleoni

    00:08:38 Chiesa di Sant'Agata nel Carmine

    00:09:14 Inside Chiesa di Sant'Agata nel Carmine

    00:12:07 Giardino Di Casa Tresoldi

    00:14:25 Il Fornaio

    00:16:02 Piazza Vecchia

    00:16:42 Piazza Veccia Bergamo Alta

    00:17:29 Piazza Del Duomo

    00:17:40 Campanone - view

    00:20:04 Portici della Ragione

    00:21:09 Cappella Colleoni

    00:21:28 Catedrale di Sant'Alessandro Martire

    00:21:48 Battistero

    00:22:29 Piazza Duomo

    00:23:35 Fontanone Visconteo

    00:25:22 Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

    00:27:45 Via Arena

    00:28:24 Via S. Salvatore

    00:30:19 Chiesa di San Salvatore

    00:33:16 Piazza Rosate

    00:35:24 Palazzo Terzi

    00:36:33 Statua dell'Architettura by Giovanni Antonio Sanz

    00:39:44 Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe

    00:40:59 Via Alla Rocca

    00:42:44 Citta Alta??

    00:45:48 Parco delle Rimembranze

    00:49:07 The Viev

    00:50:17 The View 2

    00:55:05 Via Alla Rocca

    00:55:56 Old Tower of Church San Pancrazio

    00:58:05 Via Gombito

    00:59:43 Fontana Del Gombito

    01:01:01 Via Mario Lupo

    01:01:45 Passagio Ca Longa

    01:02:36 Piazza del Duomo



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